The Global Exposure Map (v2018.1) presents the geographic distribution of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The number of buildings is presented on a hexagonal grid, with a spacing of 0.30 x 0.34 decimal degrees (approximately 1,000 km2 at the equator). The datasets employed to develop this exposure map were provided by national institutions, or developed within the scope of regional programs or bilateral collaborations. This global map and the underlying databases are based on best available and publicly accessible datasets and models. The Global Exposure Map is intended to be a dynamic product, such that it may be updated when new datasets and models become available. Releases of updated versions of the Global Exposure Map are anticipated on a regular basis. Additional exposure and risk metrics for each country can be explored at

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V Silva, D Amo-Oduro, A Calderon, J Dabbeek, V Despotaki, L Martins, A Rao, M Simionato, D Viganò, C Yepes, A Acevedo, N Horspool, H Crowley, K Jaiswal, M Journeay, M Pittore (2018). Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Exposure Map (version 2018.1). DOI: 10.13117/GEM-GLOBAL-EXPOSURE-MAP-2018.1

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